Aquila Bioscience has a team of experts from a range of science diciplines, bridging Glycobiology, Immunology, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, providing the highest quality of services and products to its customers.
Research interests lie in the fight against chronic and infectious diseases.

Environmental Sensing:

Current methods for monitoring biological contamination in waste water are time consuming and laboursome, normally taking up to a week for biological results. Aquila Bioscience is currently working with a team of chemists and engineers as part of an EU-FP7 Project aimed at developing novel, high throughput strategies to detect and identify pathogen contamination in water using carbohydrate-based approaches.

Aquila Bioscience is developing a library of biomolecules capable of binding and specifically identifying bacteria normally found in waste water. The project aims to generate fully autonomous waste water testing system that will carry on board analytical testing and microbial detection systems.
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AquilaBio News

-Jan 05th 2015: Aquila Bioscience sign contract with the European Defense Agency

-Nov 18th 2014: The Natural Product Biotechnology conference

- Oct 13th 2014: Aquila Bioscience meet with NAPES

-Sep 23rd 2014: Aquila Bioscience has been shortlisted in three categories