Cell Based Assays

Cell-based potency assays, or bioassays, are becoming an indispensable method for testing a compounds biological activity. Defining a compounds ability to elicit a particular response at a particular concentration is essential when establishing its safety and efficacy. Unlike animal based testing, cell-based potency assays can be performed in a relatively short period of time, is cost effective and deters ethical issues that often arise with animal testing.
The testing of synthetic, biological or natural compounds for specific biological activity is an essential step in product development and manufacturing. It provides the quality assurance needed for the release of regulated products such as biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals and vaccines. In addition, the use of bioassays to support bioactivity claims on nutraceutical and cosmetic products offers companies a huge marketing advantage over competitors, ensuring customers are receiving a functional, high quality product.
Aquila Bioscience hosts a team of Ph.D level scientists with extensive experience in bioassay and immunoassay development. To complement our cell-based assay services, Aquila Bioscience offers a full range of analytical services to investigate the effect of a compound, protein or gene on downstream signalling pathways. Our molecular biology team offers customers a full range of techniques to analyse protein and RNA expression.
Our team of experts are always happy to discuss your particular needs and determine the best experimental approach to achieve complete customer satisfaction.
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