Natural Healthcare

Active compounds from natural sources have been the main force behind most of the therapeutics currently used in the treatment of many diseases such as neurodegenerative disorders, inflammatory diseases, cancer and infectious diseases.
Although nature-derived compounds are being used in the treatment of several diseases; there is a need for rigorous scientific evidence surrounding the use of these compounds to prevent and treat diseases.
Today’s busy lifestyle can put the body under an array of stress stimuli including poor diet, lack of sleep, stress and lack of clean air in urban societies. All of these stresses can result in a lowered immune system, inflammation and oxidation all of which facilitate the onset of disease.
Aquila Bioscience is currently active in a number of projects to identify natural compounds containing immune modulating and anti-inflammatory properties.These are supported by significant amount of scientific research demonstrating the effectiveness of natural compounds in stimulating the immune system and reducing inflammation and oxidation.