AB Decontamination Device

The AB Decontamination device is free from alcohol and toxic chemicals, and is a biodegradable Class I sterile device that safely captures, removes and neutralises harmful pathogens and viral infections like coronavirus from skin and surfaces.

Inspired by nature, our Innovative Technology contains molecules that bind to pathogens with high affinity and removes them from the infected surfaces.

ABD does not attack the pathogens, it captures them which means it is less likely that the pathogen will evolve its defenses and this reduces the risk of secondary re-contamination. Once captured inside the material the contaminant does not detach.

3 individually wrapped ABD devices

Where can it be used?

  • On skin areas like eyes, nose, mouth, hands and arms up to the elbows.
  • On sensitive and standard surface/ screens, work areas, desks, door handles
  • On equipment like medical & emergency equipment, manufacturing equipment, cleanrooms and laboratories
  • For capturing pathogens that require testing and monitoring in specific areas

Who can use it?

The ABD product is suitable for all sectors in society, including:
  • First responders (police, army, medical, fire)
  • Elderly and the young (nursing homes, creches, schools and colleges)
  • Additional frontline workers such courier and postal services, construction, food industry, logistics and transport
  • All employees once implemented by their company as part of their Environmental Health & Safety strategies

When should it be used?

Protect against the spread of virus and other pathogens to employees, their co-workers and their families.

Use upon arrival at work for personal decontamination prior to entering the work area and again before leaving the building. Clean work surfaces in offices and manufacturing areas at the start and end of each shift.

When the risk of contamination is apparent, for example if an employee is exposed to a virus or bacteria due to poor cough and hygiene etiquette

When a hazardous biological substance has infected an area

Instructions for Use

Use On Skin

Use On Surfaces


Can be used on skin, eyes, nose, mouth, and sensitive/hard surfaces
Free from alcohol and toxic chemicals
Environmentally friendly with biodegradable material
Reduces the risk of recontamination
Protects everyone against harmful pathogens and viral infections


There are two options of disposal at this time:

  • As the ABD product material itself is biodegradable it can be disposed as compostable similar to tissue paper (cotton material) while the pouch is non-recyclable, it requires disposal into landfill. Aquila Bioscience is currently working on a biodegradable material for the packaging.
  • After use, return the product into the packaging pouch and dispose both the pouch and the product into the land fill bins