AB Decontamination Device

1 box of the AB Decontamination Device contains 50 sachets

The ABD Device is an essential product to keep individuals safe from harmful pathogens and germs using nature’s solutions. As an alcohol free antibacterial hand wipe and surface wipe, the ABD Device captures and removes 99.99% of harmful pathogens.

Unlike other common disinfectant wipes that can damage skin and surfaces with its harmful chemicals and alcohol content, Aquila’s ABD Device is alcohol free and contains no harmful chemicals meaning it does not promote anti-microbial resistance in pathogens while also being safe to use on skin and surfaces. Our technology effectively traps and disarms germs and harmful pathogens preventing contamination and illness.

  • Captures and removes 99.99% of germs
  • Contains no alcohol or harmful chemicals
  • Safe on skin and surfaces
  • Proven to capture and remove 99.99% of SARS CoV-2 from human skin
  • ABD wipe size – 420*230mm
  • Individually wrapped sachets

Products Description

The AB Decontamination device is alcohol free, contains no toxic chemicals, and is a biodegradable Class I sterile device that safely captures, removes and neutralises harmful pathogens and viral infections like coronavirus from skin and surfaces.
Inspired by nature, our Innovative Technology contains molecules that bind to pathogens with high affinity and removes them from the infected surfaces.
ABD does not attack the pathogens, it captures them which means it is less likely that the pathogen will evolve its defences and this reduces the risk of secondary re-contamination. Once captured inside the material the contaminant does not detach.

Product Specification

Unscented and Fragrance Free

ABD wipe size – 420*230mm

Weight: 1 bottle is 100gm

Dimensions: Height 10 cm Diameter 4cm

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