Increased protection from harmful Pathogens

ProShield Mask Spray

Increased Protection From Harmful Pathogens

ProShield Mask Spray

Wearing masks has become the new normal during the global pandemic.

Masks not only protect us from COVID-19 but also other pathogens, pollen and other allergens.

During the COVID-19 period, an estimated 129 billion single-use masks are being disposed of every single month. Discarded masks end up in landfills and our precious waters such as lakes, rivers and oceans. On average, disposable masks take 450 years to degrade. The waste created during the COVID-19 period alone will persist in the environment for hundreds or thousands of years.

Aquila Bioscience has shown that cotton fabric provides on average 40% protection against airborne bacteria. This protection from pathogens can be increased by up to 99% when ProShield Mask Spray is applied to the mask fabric.

The continued use of disposable masks by the general population is unsustainable for our planet. More and more people are now wearing reusable cloth masks.

However, while reusable masks are better for the environment compared to single-use, disposable masks, it is important to note that reusable masks provide varying levels of protection and can lead to a false sense of safety among users.

Based on expertise in microbiology and biochemistry, Aquila Bioscience has developed ProShield Mask Spray, a scientifically proven formulation that contains specific natural molecules that capture and neutralise pathogens and are safe for use around the face.

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The Technology

Aquila Bioscience uses its signature Pathogen Capturing Technology (PCT) in ProShield Mask Spray to further protect people who wear reusable masks from harmful pathogens.

ProShield Mask Spray createa nanofiber shield that is designed to increase the protection of reusable masks against air-borne pathogens by up to 99%.

The ProShield Mask Spray  formulation is inspired by nature’s ways of protecting us from pathogens. It is free from alcohol, is eco-friendly and is safe for all to use—from families with kids who want extra protection, to front-line workers, elderly people and those who need extra protection when using public transport.

Instructions to Use ProShield Mask Spray

ProShield Mask Spray is intended to be used on reusable, cotton masks, where a mask can be sprayed, used for one day, and washed. ProShield Mask Spray should be reapplied to the mask before its next use. The underlying technology does not contain any biocides. It is non-toxic to skin and is safe for use around the face.

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