(1) ABD Technology at the 13th CBRNe Protection Symposium in Malmoe, Sweden (23-25/09/2019)

At the 13th CBRNe Protection Symposium in Malmoe (Sweden) ABD Technology was described to leading scientists, industries and end-users during a presentation ‘Biothreat Agent Protection: Novel approaches for capture, detection and decontamination’ (Session 4 – Hazard Management). For further information, please check out the meeting website

(2) PATHSENSE ITN (H2020) secondment in Aquila Bioscience (20/05-16/06/2019)

Charlotte Dessaux, a French PhD student (ESR 4 in PathSense ITN), working at the Spanish National Centre for Biotechnology (CNB-CSIC) under supervision of Prof. Francisco Garcia del Portillo in Madrid (Spain), recently came to Galway for a month-long secondment in Aquila Bioscience to investigate bacterial glycan-lectin interactions in foodborne pathogens and to experience start-up SME environment. Charlotte presented her research at the 20th International Symposium on Problems of Listeria and Listeriosis (ISOPOL 2019) in Toronto, Canada. For further information, please check out the abstract submitted to ISOPOL 2019 under this link

(3) Epidemiology and CBRN security Summit (Epimilitaris 2019) inRyn, Poland (15-17/04/2019)

The Epimilitaris 2019 meeting in Ryn (Poland) allowed Aquila engagement with end-users and academic peers and covered topics on epidemiology and CBRN security with emphasis on science, innovations and practical implications. Aquila presented ABD Technology and outcomes of the DCLAW project supported by European Defence Agency in a talk entitled ‘Protein – sugar interactions and their application in microbial decontamination’.

(4) ABD Technology at the NATO CBRN Capability Working Group meeting in Brussels, Belgium (27-28/02/2019)

an ABD prototype was demonstrated to end-users and policy makers from NATO member States at NATO CBRN Capability Working Group meeting in NATO HQ in Brussels (Belgium) Technology capabilities and its applications were discussed with potential customers.

(5) All Hazards Forensic Conference in Cork, Ireland (27-28/11/2018)

Aquila was represented at the All Hazards Forensic Conference in Cork, Ireland to discuss practical aspects of biothreat decontamination. The focus of the conference was on best practice for all hazard forensic investigation at the scene (methodology and techniques to go through the various stages: detection, sample collection, sample transport, identification, attribution, hazard mitigation and prosecution).

(6) UN Headquarters visit (5-6/11/2018)

Engagement with end-users and display of ABD Technology in the UN Headquarters took place in New York, USA.

(7) SME-Instrument Phase 1 delivered (29/08/2018)

Aquila submitted Glyco-DeCon Feasibility Study to deliver SME-Instrument Phase 1 Report. Several aspects of bringing the Glyco-DeCon kits into market were considered in the report including market research to understand needs, potential customers and volumes required, production process to assess throughputs of manufacturing lines with the costs associated and related regulatory aspects. Finally, patent landscape analysis was performed for Europe and the US markets to verify the latest IP concerns and to develop IP strategy for the company.

(8) Glyco-DeCon progress review with Defence Forces Ireland (11/07/2018)

Glyco-DeCon technology progress was presented to Defence Forces Ireland in Galway, Ireland. Project exploitation options and future plans required for technology development were discussed with end-users. Endorsement for further technology development in the planned ABD Technology project (SME Instrument Phase 2) was received.

(9) MRI Global visit (27/04/2018)

Aquila was visited by a representative of MRIGlobal (USA) in Galway, Ireland. MRIGlobal performs contract research for government and industry for technology validation. During the visit Glyco-DeCon project outcomes were presented to potential end-users from the USA. Commercialization routes and regulatory roadmap were reviewed for better understanding of the industry requirements in the USA.

(10) EDA/NATO Meeting in Bosnia and Herzegovina (20/03/2018)

Glyco-DeCon project was presented to Military, Police, Academia industry and EDA/NATO personnel at the EDA/NATO Meeting in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

(11) Glyco-DeCon project presented to Defence Forces Ireland (10/01/2018)

The Glyco-DeCon project presented to Defence Forces Ireland during the Aquila lab visit in Galway, Ireland

(12) Bench to Market Workshop for PATHSENSE ITN (28/11/2017)

On November 28th 2017, Aquila delivered Workshop 1 to 13 Early Stage Researchers from the PATHSENSE ITN entitled ‘Bench to Market: Starting up a Spin-Off Company’. The event covered multiple aspects of research commercialisation and interactive talks form a number of spin-out and spin-in companies based on the NUI Galway campus to share their R&D experience and for translation of scientific data into marketable products.

(13) PATHSENSE ITN Kick Off meeting in Galway (27-20/11/2017)

The PATHSENSE project involves 8 different universities, 1 research institute and 4 companies (including Aquila Bioscience) that are spread across seven different EU countries. The PATHSENSE European Training Network met in Galway (27-30th Novembers) to kick-off this 4-year, €3.4M project, which is funded by the EU under Horizon 2020. The project is led by Dr Conor O’Byrne from Microbiology in the School of Natural Sciences at NUI Galway.

(14) SME-Instrument Phase 1 (Glyco-DeCon) successful! (15/10/2017)

Aquila is one of the Irish SMEs selected for funding under the latest round of the EIC (European Innovation Council) SME Instrument (Phase 1) to be conducted within the first half of 2018. The aim of this funding is to help innovative SMEs get their ideas to the market faster. Each SME will receive a grant of €50,000. The Aquila team will look into business and production feasibility for the Glyco-DeCon wipes developed with support of European Defence Agency. Aquila is willing to research the market and to indicate the best distribution partner to introduce the product. The findings will be summarized in Feasibility Report.

(15) EDA/NATO Meeting (22/08/2017)

DCLAW project outcomes were presented by Aquila to EDA, NATO officials and decision makers in Vienna, Austria, during the joint EDA/NATO Meeting.

(16) PATHSENSE ITN First Consortium Network Meeting (19/07/2017)

The Principal investigators of the PATHSENSE ITN network, including a representative from Aquila, met for their first consortium meeting in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on July 19th 2017 to conduct interviews for prospective ESRs and to discuss their projects.

(17) FEMS 2017 (9-13/07/ 2017)

DCLAW project was presented and discussed by Aquila with world-leading scientists and entrepreneurs in València (Spain) at the 7th Congress of European Microbiologists FEMS (The Federation of European Microbiological Societies). ABL was offered a unique opportunity of interaction with other academic start-ups by presenting the company story during the session ‘From research to startup creation’.

(18) SICC 2017 (22-24/05/2017)

DCLAW project was presented and discussed by CZUD with military and civilian academics in Rome, Italy at the 1st Scientific International conference on CBRNE – SICC 2017.

(19) The DCLAW project outcomes presented to Defence Forces Ireland (24/05/2017)

Meeting with Defence Forces Ireland took place in Curragh Camp (Training Centre), Co Kildare, Ireland for presentation of the DCLAW project results to potential end users. Endorsement for Glyco-DeCon (SME Instrument Phase 1) was received.

(20) EDA-DCLAW Closing Meeting (25/04/2017)

The DCLAW final network meeting took place in cold Amsterdam, Holland, on April 25th 2017. The partners (ABL/CZUD) presented research to date and an exciting array of their innovative ideas, followed by a lively discussion with the EDA Project Officer. Project exploitation and future plans were discussed.

(21) NAPES workshop – Sensing our Environment (27-28/03/2017)

H2020 project NAPES workshop – Sensing our Environment: From Innovative Materials to Autonomous Sensors and Earth Observation took place in Dublin, Ireland. Aquila presented outcomes of NAPES and DCLAW projects to world-class scientists and commercial partners.

(22) NAPES M36 Consortium Meeting (12/12/2016)

On Monday 12th December the NAPES M36 Consortium Meeting took place in University of the Basque Country, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain.

(23) EDA-DCLAW Review Meeting (11/10/2016)

EDA-DCLAW Review Meeting 3 took place in Prague, Czech Republic. DCLAW Project Milestone 3 was delivered to EDA by Aquila/CZUD representatives.

(24) PVA Expo, Future Forces Forum (19-21/10/2016)

CZUD researchers presented DCLAW project to defence and medical service personnel at the Future Forces Forum – CEBIRAM Medical Workshop in PVA Expo Prague, Czech Republic.

(25) SUJCHBO, HAZMAT Protect (9-11/11/2016)

SUJCHBO, HAZMAT Protect – 2nd International Conference on protection against dangerous CBRN agents took place in Kamenna, Czech Republic.  CZUD researchers presented DCLAW project concept and outcomes to first responders and other end-users from civilian or military field.

(26) Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) Meeting(7/09/2016)

DCLAW project outcomes and potential applications were presented at the Irish Aviation Authority Meeting by Aquila to the airline carriers, the ground service companies (including DHL, FedEx etc) and the Department of Transport in Dublin, Ireland.

(27) CZUD Technology transfer visit(9-13/05/2016)

A representative of Aquila visited Czech University of Defence in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic to conduct technology transfer required for progression of the DCLAW project. For further information about the hosting partner, please check out the website

(28) Host Pathogen Interaction Discussion Forum 2016 (2-5/05/2016)

Scientific background and data of the DCLAW project were presented at the Host Pathogen Interaction Discussion Forum 2016 in Broumov, Czech Republic. The results to date were discussed with an international panel of experts on pathogens and infectious diseases.

(29) EDA-DCLAW 2nd Review Meeting (19/04/2016)

The second DCLAW Review Meeting took place in Dublin, Ireland. DCLAW Project Milestone 2 was delivered to EDA by ABL/CZUD.

(30) EDA-DCLAW Review Meeting (16/10/2015)

CZUD researchers and PIs visited Aquila in Galway, Ireland to conduct the first EDA-DCLAW Review Meeting on October 16th 2015. DCLAW Project Milestone 1 was delivered by both Aquila and CZUD.

(31) EDA-DCLAW Kick off meeting(8/04/2015)

The Principal investigators and researchers involved in the DCLAW project  met for their first consortium meeting in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. During the EDA-DCLAW Kick off meeting introduction of DCLAW project partners Czech University of Defence (CZUD) and Aquila Bioscience (ABL) with European Defence Agency (EDA) took place and project plan was discussed.