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Emergency response against dangerous pathogens & viruses

Biocontrol and Risk Mitigation

Medical countermeasures (MCMs) are medicines and medical supplies that can be used to diagnose, prevent, or treat diseases related to chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear (CBRN) threats. MCMs can include biological products (e.g. vaccines, blood products, and antibodies), drugs (antimicrobial or antivirals), or devices (e.g. diagnostic tests to identify threat agents and personal protective equipment).

Aquila Bioscience has worked with Civil and military agencies (CIV-MIL) to develop capabilities around MCM. Focusing on our proprietary and innovative technology, PCT is an ideal choice in the control of a wide range of biopathogens that first responders and defence organisations anticipate in crises situations. Through our close interactions with global CIV-MIL organisations, our team has developed extensive capabilities in preparedness and CBRN countermeasures in the field which informs and drives our R&D, modeling through data science and data intelligence, pilot-scale manufacturing, regulatory and quality management, sales and marketing, and customer sector analysis.

Moreover, Aquila’s PCT technology lends itself to monitoring and forensic analysis of biopathogens which can protect serious injury and life in advance of any direct action taken by first responders. 

Aquila Bioscience brings both experience and technology in emergency preparedness to manage critical situations involving biopathogens in populated and hostile environments. Specifically, Aquila Bioscience has developed a strategic understanding of CBRN incidents, whether natural disasters or marauding terrorist attacks, and capabilities for biothreat characterization, threat assessment, forensic analysis and solutions, and responses to critical situations together with an extensive network of experts in Europe, North America and beyond.