ABD Device

Emergency response against dangerous pathogens & viruses

Pandemic Preparedness and CBRNE

Aquila Bioscience’s Role in Pandemic Preparedness

Aquila Bioscience is developing revolutionary technology for pathogen management with support from the European Defence Agency and European Innovation Council funding. With the advent of COVID-19, Aquila Bioscience responded rapidly by developing manufacturing processes to bring forth its pilot products to protect the front-line professionals from COVID-19. Aquila Bioscience has used its unique pathogen capture technology which is safe on skin and sensitive surfaces, effective in removing all pathogens and is environmentally safe, to develop ABD (AntiBioAgent Decontamination) device and ProShield Spray. These are the first products of their kind to combat COVID and other infectious agents and are inspired by how nature has protected us for millennia.


CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) incidents pose a major threat in the international security context and pose a serious threat to life. However, while many interpret CBRNe as being associated with intentional or malicious activities, the current CBRN definition is broader. CBRN can take the form of:

  • criminal (proliferation, theft, sabotage and illicit trafficking),
  • terrorism (direct and/or indirect attacks using CBRN materials)
  • accidental (industrial catastrophes, in particular chemical or nuclear, waste treatment and transport) or
  • natural (mainly pandemics but also the consequence of natural hazards on CBRN material and facilities, climate change will also affect infectious disease occurrence increasing the risk of pandemics