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ABD Device
Education Sector Ireland

Emergency response against harmful bacteria and viruses

ABD Device
Education Sector Ireland

Emergency response against harmful bacteria and viruses

Decontamination Device

The Anti Bioagent Decontamination (ABD) device is essential PPE for the Schools, Creches and Colleges. It is the only product available in the market that can be used on sensitive skin surfaces like the eyes, nose and mouth.  It can also be used on surfaces not suitable for biocide decontamination.

Developed and tested specifically for decontaminating dangerous viruses like CORONAVIRUS, the ABD technology is currently applied using a large wipe material.

Unlike standard wipes and sanitisers, ABDs are free from alcohol, biocides and other toxic chemicals and so do not cause skin irritation or destroy skin cells. The wipe is made of biodegradable material and is therefore environmentally friendly.

The Technology

Historically, decontamination products were developed to destroy viruses using alcohol or biocide-based chemicals. These chemicals have several detrimental effects on a person’s health and the environment.

Aquila’s technology uses a completely new mechanism for protecting against virus contamination.

Instead of trying to destroy the virus, complex glyco-sugars are infused in the wipe material, which then acts as a magnet, using natural and irreversible binding interactions to capture the pathogen, effectively neutralising it. 

A virus, like the coronavirus, attaches to the surface molecules of host cells (for example in our throat) which then serve as binding partners for the protein hooks on the viral particles. Once attached to the cells they enter our body depositing their RNA and ultimately leading to infection and disease.

The ABD device stops such bindings happening and protects people against such viruses.

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€59.50 per box of 50 ABD Devices
Exclusive of VAT
3 ABD Devices in individual packaging

These prices are only applicable for registered educational institutions in Ireland. For orders outside of Ireland please contact

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ABD Product is sold online to Irish schools, colleges and training organisations only at this time. For sectors and countries outside of these please contact our sales team

ABD Compared to Standard Handwipe

Class 1 Medical Device, Sterile
Suitable for eyes, nose, mouth
Suitable for hands/arms
Side effects such as skin irritation, skin dryness
Suitable for sensitive surfaces
Prevents the spread of superbugs
Destroys Pathogen
Safely removes pathogens
Does not contain harmful chemicals
Individually Sealed

ABDs are essential PPE for all educational sectors

Every First Aid kit & Isolation Room across the Education & Training Sector should have a supply of ABD Devices

Classrooms & Lecture Halls

Use the ABD Device when an infant, student or teacher accidentally coughs or sneezes and potentially contaminates others and their surrounding surfaces.

School Halls & Assembly Rooms

Add the ABD Devices to your first aid kits in the common areas, in the event of contamination due to poor cough and hygiene etiquette the designated first responder for that area will have immediate access to the ABD Device to decontaminate the affected person or surface.

Use the ABD device to decontaminate shared equipment in school halls and assembly areas.

Computer, Music, Art & Science Rooms

If a student or member of staff is suspected of having contracted the coronavirus, use the ABD Devices to decontaminate all the equipment they may have come into contact with before allowing others to use it.

Locker Rooms

Use the ABD Devices to decontaminate student & staff lockers in the event of a suspected case of coronavirus.

Isolation Room

If someone has to move to an Isolation Room, immediately dispense the ABD Devices to that person, and other co-workers they have recently come into contact with. 

Offices & Libraries

Use the ABD Devices to clean down shared work surfaces such as desks, chairs, phones, keys boards, printers, remotes, filing cabinets and reduce the risk of spreading virus within your workforce.

School Yard & Community Areas

If social distancing rules become difficult to enforce, ensure that each yard supervisor has access to the ABD Devices so that they can have a fast response to decontaminate the skin and equipment at any time.

Canteens & Lunch Areas

Use the ABD Devices when the risk of contamination is increased. Wipe down kitchen areas, food preparation areas, work surfaces, tables and chairs.

Protect your staff and students from contracting the virus from others by using the ABD Device to wipe down face shields, protective screens at counters, check out tills, card payment machines.

ABDs are also suitable for everyday use

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