Our Products

ABD Device

The ABD Device comes in the form of a decontamination wipe that enables users to safely capture and remove up to 99.99% of SARS CoV-2 the causing agent of Covid -19 from sensitive surfaces and the human skin.

​Currently being used in everyday and emergency use cases by Defence Force Ireland, the HSE and An Post

​This product is only available to purchase by organisations at present.

3 ABD Devices in individual packaging

ProShield Mask Spray

Our upcoming product, ProShield Mask Spray provides an extra layer of protection to individuals wearing re-usable face masks.

This product is suitable to families with young children who want to protect their children even further as well as those who are on the go.

Utilising our pathogen capturing technology, we have successfully applied it to ProShield Mask Spray is available to purchase now.